Facebook has launched a brand-new way to connect with the introduction of…Messenger Rooms.

Similar to Houseparty and Zoom, Messenger Rooms is a new way to hold virtual conference calls, catch up with friends or connect with your audience. BUT, there are some added benefits not available on these platforms:

📧 It is a super easy solution to conference calls, you don’t need to pre-plan or send an email invite. Just share a link and BAM you are in.

💃 You can call with up to 50 people at once. Talk about a PARTY.

☎️ There is no time limit on calls (goodbye Zoom’s freebie account 40min limit)

👯‍♀‍Not friends on Facebook? No problem. There is an option to invite your Instagram and WhatsApp contacts, so no one is left out.

💻No Facebook, no problem. From what we can tell, only the user who is the host needs to have an account.

🚫 You can control the who is in the room. No need to worry about unwanted guests, the host controls who can join and see the room. The host also has the power to remove people from the room. Bye Felica.

🚪 Like House Party you can choose to lock your room or leave it open for more to join.

💲 It’s free. This is a big bonus, especially if you are a small business or new to the digital game.

✨Escape to the beach. Facebook is bringing its effects (bunny ears are back) as well as 360 backgrounds to its new platform. Have a messy room and a meeting in 10 minutes? No problem, whack on a background filter and your good to go. Facebook has also announced that it will introduce 14 additional camera filters, so you can get that 9 am glow, no makeup required.

This doesn’t just make it easier to connect to family and friends but also introduces an easy and economical way for business to connect with their communities. Host a weekly game of trivia, start up some online tutorials or teach pilates, your audience is just a click away.