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An influencer has the ability to influence potential buyers of your product or service by promoting or recommending it. These days, that’s largely played out on social channels like Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, and Tik Tok.

It could be someone high profile through to a ‘micro-influencer’ with a few thousand but super engaged followers in your niche market.

Disclaimer: this is not a ‘gift-a-bunch-of-freebies-in-exchange-for-a-random-post’ kind of activity. It is also not the right approach all the time and we’ll be honest with you about that.

When it is right for your brand or business, and its approached in a strategic way, it can be an incredible PR tactic.


We create a checklist of sorts to ensure influencers align with the brand and can deliver on what you need them to. We research their brand, audience, content, and ensure there is a natural affinity with your brand or business before putting them forward.


We’ve honed a narrative to ensure we get the best outcome from outreaching to influencers as well as manage briefing and contractual obligations.


Ongoing partnerships with influencers to create content on behalf of your brand can be impactful and we can manage that relationship to ensure it meets all key success indicators.

Ambassador Roles

We can leverage these partnerships to maximise ROI.

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