Like everyone else, we’ve all been working from home the last couple of weeks. Here is what we are finding is the key to success WFH.

🖥 Designate your new work spot and customise it. Having a consistent room, spot, desk, or chair that you go to every day to work helps your brain associate that spot (smells, sights, and sounds) with getting work done.

👔 Act the part. Try to stick to your usual routines like waking up, getting dressed, exercising, eating breakfast, then “commuting” (aka walk around the block) to your new work space. Staying in your pyjamas, while comfortable, will make you feel less like it’s a regular workday and make it harder to get things done.

Stick to regular meetings and catchups. We have shifted our morning coffee break to a Zoom call (with a home brew). We still do these first thing in the morning so that we can discuss each of our top three priorities for the day. We also do one at 4:30 to wrap us all up.

📝 Create your daily to-do list, the day before. Part of staying on track and setting a work schedule at home is listing out what you have to do in a day.

🚶 Remember working from home does not mean working all the time. Take mental breaks. Do a lap. These won’t happen on their own, the way they do in the office, so it’s important to be deliberate and intentional about them! Also change the mood when you’re done for the day – change clothes, change lighting, put music on etc.

🥂 Host virtual happy hours. Just because we’re at home it doesn’t mean we can’t do team drinks or wine after WIPs with clients. Everyone jumps online with their favourite drink and we chat, just like we would at a pub after work.

😂 Whether it’s sending some positive inspiration, a funny meme or taking part in trivia Tuesdays, we’re making sure we keep an upbeat vibe and still have as much fun as we possibly can.