Media Relations





Tonic was founded by a former journalist so it’s fair to say we have a solid understanding of what media want. We lean on our strong media relationships and news sense to ensure our clients are part of the news agenda on TV, radio, online, newspapers, and magazines.


Campaign Strategy

We map out the who, what, where, when, and why to ensure you get maximum impact.


Stuck for ideas? We’re a creative bunch and love combining our industry knowledge and life experience to your brand or business and sharing those results with you.

Key Messages

If you had 30 seconds with a journalist what would you want them to know? We’ll distil your business into succinct, impactful messages.

Media Materials

We create fact sheets, media releases, bios, asset and content libraries so you’re media-ready.

Media Pitching

We create tailored story pitches for each relevant journalist at each relevant media outlet. It’s takes time, but it works.

Send Outs

We bring your product to life with creative, engaging deliveries to media and other influencers from sourcing materials to delivery and reporting on ROI.

Famils/ Hosting

We create engaging experiences and itineraries that ticks all the boxes and delivers on ROI.


We scan print, online, and broadcast media for any mentions of your business or brand (and even your competitors if you like) and you’ll know about it almost instantly.

Media Buys

Traditional ads are so last decade. We partner with media outlets to create bespoke content for your brand or business delivered straight to readers aka your new customers.

Get in touch

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions.