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Tonic PR was started in 2015 as a specialist hospitality PR agency for the hospitality industry. An agency that bypassed the fluff and was real – delivering on what it said it would do.

Since then, we’ve broadened our specialist industries to include food and drink, lifestyle, and travel. Our service offering has also grown from a media relations focus to a full suite of PR services that includes social, digital, influencers, content, and events.

Our mission is to be the best lifestyle PR agency in Australia. Deliver the best results. Deliver the best service. Create an incredible workplace for staff.

We believe it’s really important to have a set of values that we include in our day to day and that are relevant and realistic. We’d love to share our Tonic Values with you:

Connect (connections = relationships, it’s what we do)

Transcend expectations (good enough isn’t enough)

Share the good (good vibes, good news, good ideas)

participate in the conversation on social and online channels.

Exhibit courage (to provide counsel, to pitch, to push boundaries)

Be a knowledge sponge (seek out learning and relish in newfound knowledge)

PR not ER (always keep things in perspective)

Clever, creative and connected PR

Tonic PR & Communications was founded to offer a refreshing approach to public relations and communications

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