Lotus Galeries influencer marketing

The Task
Develop and execute an outreach program for Lotus Galeries to drive social buzz around the venue’s weekend yum cha menu and generate high quality social content.

The Tonic
Tonic called on our strong influencer relationships to identify food and lifestyle influencers who fit the target customer profile. We then invited these influencers in to try Lotus Galeries weekend yum cha offering ($30 banquet menu per person) between June and November 2017.

Post-visit, we compiled a social media wrap-up for each influencer, including potential reach and social coverage clippings as well as their personal feedback on the experience. Wrap-ups were sent directly to the client after each visit.

The Proof
We hosted 11 influencers at Lotus Galeries which generated 16 high quality visual posts on social media with a combined potential reach of 913,400.

These influencers included:

  • Asianfoodninja (54.6k followers)
  • Eilxrrr (55.9k followers)
  • Willxia1 (40.7k followers)
  • Sweetandyummie (34.6k followers)
  • Nutellasum (102k followers)
  • Msyan_ (100k followers)
  • Annachaannn (137k followers)
  • Food_porn (252k followers)
  • Lollieats (20.1k followers)
  • Littleobesechildren (20.4k followers)
  • It_be_rude_not_to (49.1k followers)