“Every single market right now has a flaw. You need to find a way to break that down.”

 Nik Mirkovic

Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic are the duo behind Hi-Smile, a tooth whitening brand they founded with no background in oral health. What?! Some would say it’s crazy, but these guys saw something uber boring and set themselves a goal that if they could make oral hygiene fun, they would be successful.

They did it. They now have more than 500,0000 followers on Instagram and even list Kylie Jenner as an ambassador. They built a customer database through social and regularly convert Instagram posts into sales. Hi-Smile has created a serious footprint in the oral hygiene world and made this a multi-billion dollar company.

So how on earth can we achieve similar success? According to the founders of Hi-Smile, here are the four most important things your brand needs to succeed online

  1. Story vs. Sales

Hi-Smile keeps busy building a relationship with their customers and telling a story through their social channels rather than a hard sell straight up. This creates a community that encourages members to return.

  1. Eye of the beholder

Do not focus on perfection, the market has different ideas on what that is. Focus on what your community wants, not what the latest trend is. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t until you discover exactly what it is that turns your community on. For example, if your audience reacts well to memes then curate memes to continue to engage your audience. If they don’t, then absolutely do not post any memes even if everyone else is doing it.

  1. YOU vs. YOU

It’s YOU vs. YOU. Work solely on you and your brand, regardless of a noisy marketplace. Every industry is faced with competitors but there is only one you and you need to be confident in what you offer.

  1. Weakness is strength

As a brand, be transparent in both your weakness and strengths. For example, if a product fails own up to its faults. Make it known there is room for improvement and your brand is working on it.