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Poetica Bar and Grill

Turning up the heat in North Sydney

The Charles Grand Brasserie & Bar

Old school charm and elegance

Loulou Bistro

A slice of Paris in Lavender Bay

Loulou Boulangerie & Traiteur

A neighbourhood go-to for a taste of Paris

Lil Sis

The Abercrombie’s boutique wine bar and shop

Opera Bar

A Sydney icon

Barangaroo House

Three ways to play

Shaping stories for brands


Specialists in lifestyle, travel, hospitality, food, and drink communications.

Tonic is a Sydney PR consultancy with an in-house approach. Led by a former journalist, we specialise in lifestyle PR; travel PR; food and drink PR; and restaurant PR.

We build great reputations for brands and businesses through powerful storytelling and provide the tonic to connect with audiences. To inspire consumer behavioural change, we apply a diverse mix of communications tactics that span media relations, content, social media, brand collaborations, influencer engagement, and events. We’re based in Sydney and our reach extends nationally. Most importantly, we deliver on what we say we will.

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Customer feedback is gold!

Customer feedback is gold, right? So how can you use Instagram to collect it, in a fun, no intrusive way? Here are a few tips and tricks we recommend. 1. Start a poll: a super easy way to get some insider thoughts on a new product, what they want to see or what you...

What does engagement rate mean?

What does engagement rate mean? You’ve probably heard it being thrown around in social media chit chat, but what does it actually mean? Put simply, it is the measurement of metrics including likes, comments, and shares on a post. For us, these are great indicators on...

Why LinkedIn needs to be part of your social strategy

Are you on the LinkedIn bandwagon? If this is not part of your social strategy yet, it could be time to rethink. This year they released a ton of new features that are perfect for brands and businesses looking to grow online. Here are three new features we are loving:...