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When we say email marketing, do you think about how you hate all the pesky emails you receive and promptly delete? We get it, there are a lot of crap email newsletters flooding inboxes by the minute. But, you know what? Email remains the most successful direct marketing channel by a fair stretch, even outperforming social. It’s true. Here’s our mini checklist to making sure you send an error-free email marketing campaign each time – and hopefully improve your results! 📧

👍 Subject line is key. The best ones are short (less than 50 characters), descriptive, and give the reader a reason to explore your message further. Including a call to action can often improve open rate too.

👍 Watch the length. Keep emails short and under 200 words. If you believe your emails require longer copy, you can always use A/B testing to experiment with different email copy lengths.

👍 Make your call to action clear and easy for the reader to convert – a link and button to ‘Buy Me’, ‘Book Me’ or ‘Check out the menu’.

👍 Use 1-3 high-quality images. These are good for breaking up chunks of text. Don’t forget to use Alt Text titles and link correctly.

👍 Proofread to avoid typos and link errors – recruit a second set of eyes to help catch any mistakes.

👍 Test and optimise – track all the key results, identify patterns, and adjust your content accordingly. Use A/B testing to send different variations of emails to subscribers and see which one generates more click-throughs.

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