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Hands up who’s been stuck in a bad meeting 🙌 Yep, we feel you. Meetings can be a great, productive way to get sh*t done. They can also quickly turn into an hour meeting about what’s happening on Netflix 🦁 To keep you on track, here are our suggestions for holding more efficient and productive meetings:

🖊️ Prepare an agenda. We never hold a meeting without a WIP document. We share this with our clients 24 hours ahead of time ⏰ This way everyone is one the same page and comes prepared with what they need.

👨‍👦‍👦 Keep it small. Google is famous for only allowing 10 people max in each meeting. By limiting attendees, you have more control, ensuring your meeting stays structured and on track.

🌵 Keep it short. Let’s be honest, after one hour we all begin to clock out. Thoughts like what’s for lunch or ‘did I remember to water my plants’ start to creep in. Keep it short and stick to the agenda, Harvard Business Review says 30 minutes is optimal.

📝 Send an update with action points post-meeting. Delegate to people with tasks and deadlines to make the meeting purposeful.