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Influencer marketing uses ‘influencers’ as vehicles to share your brand with their audience. By finding an influencer that fits your brand you can introduce your product or service to a whole new audience. It is the modern-day version of recommending something to a friend.

So, if you engage with influencers how can you track success? Here are four metrics to look out for:

1. Personalised links 🗺️ A great way to see if an influencer is driving traffic to your website.
2. Unique promo codes 🎟️ Track purchases by an influencers followers easily.
3. Followers 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏾 do you see a jump in followers when the influencer posts? Collaborating with influencers and holding a competition where their followers have to follow your account is a great way to grow. Encourage users to like your page, subscribe to your newsletter or come instore.
4. Website traffic 💻 Google Analytics shows you how people are coming to your website from social channels (from the homepage go to Acquisition > All Channels > Social). This helps you decide which platform is a better source of traffic.