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Do you want to understand more about the changing needs of your customers or potential customers on social? You should.

With Mailchimp’s survey function, you can send a simple poll through to a detailed survey to your database, or share via social posts, emails, or anywhere on the web. Add as many questions as you need, choose from a variety of answer types, and style the form to fit your brand with super easy templates.

If you ask for an email address, you can collect new contacts and tag contacts based on their responses. Amazing! 📨 📊 Here’s some ideas for what you could use a poll or survey for:

◼ Measure customer satisfaction
◼ A/B testing for new product launch
◼ Nurturing and segmenting your leads
◼ Generating new leads
◼ Personalise on-boarding new customers

Let us know if you’ll give it a go?