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Let’s talk about media famils (aka familiarisations).

Media famils are a great way to get journalists experiencing your destination. So how is the best way to go about it?

📰 Pick the right publication. Who are you trying to attract? Make sure the publication’s audience aligns with your objectives.

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Know the audience. You’ve chosen the publication, now customise the experiences to best appeal to that audience. If you’re trying to appeal to over 50s then an insta-worthy focus isn’t going to work.

🚴‍♂‍ Give them the full experience. This is your time to shine! Give them the ultimate experience and if it’s over a long period or there are multiple experiences, create a schedule or itinerary with realistic timings for each activity.

🏠 Be the host with the most. You want them to walk away going WOW. Be enthusiastic, be organised and be prepared. Make sure everyone is briefed (concierge, chefs to rock climbing instructors alike) their enthusiasm and love for the brand or experience will be one of the most memorable parts of the overall experience.

☎️Keep in touch! Send a thank you after the stay and discuss the media story angles, follow them on socials and keep them in the loop about any exciting projects.

We’d love to hear about your media famil successes (or fails!) and if you think it’s something you’d like to do, let us know and we’ll share our tips.