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Need to write a bio? Here’s our #tonictips to crafting a killer bio.

✍️Write your name and your title. Sounds obvious, but the reader wants to know straight away who they’re reading about.
✍️Write in third person.
✍️Share your accomplishments. Don’t be shy but do only pick things that are relevant and most recent.
✍️Put the most important information at the start and the least important information last. That way any lazy readers will catch the most important info at the beginning.
✍️Demonstrate your ability in your field through additional things such as awards or speaking roles.
✍️Keep your bio up to date. Check it every couple of months and add any new achievements.
✍️Short is best unless someone asks for more. Ideally, no more than a few paragraphs. If it’s for social media, make it a micro bio (one or two sentences).