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Content. We do bang on about the importance of content, but it really is SO damn important. So, how can you create the right content and where should you be posting?

⭐Where is your audience? What platform does the majority of your audience use? Invest time and money into content here. For example, if your target market is 18-24 year olds, Facebook shouldn’t be your focus. Probably best to upskill in TikTok.
⭐Do your research. What problems are your audience faced with? What do they like, what are their hobbies, where do they live? The more information you have the more relevant your content will be.
⭐Measure success. Is video performing better? Do they prefer long or short form posts?
⭐Create quality that adds value. Content should either EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN or INSPIRE. Try hit all three but always hit at least two.
⭐Make sure you are adapting the look, the feel and the tone to the platform. You want it to look natural on your feed. If the content isn’t right for the platform it’s not going to perform well organically, so you won’t get any cut through!