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The world of influencers has seriously boomed in the past few years. Brands, big and small are jumping on board to reach their consumer like never before. Mediakix predicts that by 2022, brands are set to spend a whopping $15 billion dollars on influencer marketing alone.

So, what’s the go and how can you get in on the action as a small business? Our answer, micro influencers.

Sometimes you have to think small to get big results. According to digital marketing agency, Think Beyond, micro influencers have between 1,000 to 100,000 social followers. Although they have an audience smaller than your average Kardashian, these guys certainly pack a punch.

The benefits of using micro influencers include:

⭐ Higher engagement.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. You want an audience that reads, comments, shares and ultimately listens. Even though micro influencers have smaller audiences, they usually have an EXTREMELY engaged audiences that are genuinely connected.

⭐ Affordable.

Big following requires big budget. Sure, we all dream about getting Liam Hemsworth, shirtless holding our latest product BUT we don’t all have the budget. With micro influencers, you get the benefits of local. Starting a new fitness line? Reach out to a local fitness instructor. Opening your first café? Reach out to your neighbourhood foodies. Want to start a doggie day care? Engage with your closest furry star. Micro means the audience probably lives near your neighbourhood, café or shop.

⭐Find your niche.

The aim of using influencers is to reach your audience in the most authentic way. To do this, find influencers that naturally align with your brand. By using micro influencers, you have more power to do this. Think of it this way, if you approach someone with 2 million subscribers to experience your new gym, the chances are that a teeny tiny percent of their audience actually live in the same city and are interested in fitness. This means, you are only connecting with a small percentage of their audience. With micro influencers, you can target locals, gym instructors, and users that already have a local presence and will actually be able to try it. It’s far more focussed and authentic.

⭐ Ahhh-mazing content.

Content is like GOLD. Choose influencers who put time, pride and effort into their work. Producing content is what they do best, use this to your advantage. That way, you can share their amazing imagery and content across your accounts.

⭐ Trust.

Micro-influencer followers tend to see themselves as peers rather than fans. Because they are personally invested in their niche (fitness, food, travel) they often become a trusted source of recommendation. Studies have shown that 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers. Think of micro influencers like a friend recommending you a product and not someone shoving it in your face.