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What the hell is a landing page?

Basically, it’s a web page that allows you to capture a potential customer’s information through an online form, turning them into a business lead/potential customer that you can then directly market to. Super powerful.

What’s the deal?

Using landing pages in your social and digital strategy is a great way to grow your database and collect rich intel about potential customers, track leads, and increase conversions. Having a good understanding of your audience is paramount in crafting landing pages that work.

To make sure we are all on the same page, let’s start with:

How do they work?

  • A landing page acts as a bridge between a visitor seeing an ad and converting them into a lead.
  • Typically, a person will see an offer or call to action on a social post or in an email and click through to a landing page.
  • Unlike web pages which encourage visitors to explore your website, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal – converting your visitors to leads with a call to action such as buy, enquire, and sign up.
  • To ‘redeem’ the offer/call to action (for example, free delivery, free consultation, or $20 off), they need to enter their details into the landing page form.
  • This converts them from a visitor into a lead as you now have their contact information, which is automatically stored in your leads database (i.e. Mailchimp, Hubspot). You can now market to them directly for free or very minimal cost.

What does a successful landing page need to have?

  • A clear objective – knowing what your goal is and who your audience is.
  • It should be short, sweet and uncluttered. The page should offer the audience all the necessary information to make a decision without overwhelming. This information should be interesting and informative.
  • Make it easy to convert. Like websites it’s important to be able to navigate the web page simply and efficiently. Nothing should come between the visitor and the conversion i.e. no pop ups. Visitors should be able to convert in one click.
  • Make it visual – no one wants to read too much. Get the visitor involved with great imagery.

Ready to start using landing pages in your social or digital strategy? Email Belinda for a chat about how it might work for your business.