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What is PR? This is a question we get from our family and friends a lot. It is a great question, one that we’re sure lots of you have. So, we are going to break it down for you and explain why we are an important role in any business. We also want to debunk the myth that we spend most of our days at long lunches. We don’t.

What do we do in PR?

⭐First and foremost we are storytellers. Every business has a story to tell. It’s our job to find it and share it.

⭐We help you establish credibility and build your reputation. We do this through various channels including earned media, paid media, social media and other digital platforms.

⭐We develop meaningful relationships between you and your audience. Who is your audience and how are you going to reach them? We find out how they consume information and reach them through it.

⭐We write a lot. We don’t write the articles (a common misconception), that is up to the journalists. What we do write is media releases, pitches, fact sheets, newsletters, social media posts, speeches, scripts, blog posts, reports… the list goes on. If you need it, we can write it.

⭐We are experts in our field. We read a lot. For us at Tonic, our bread and butter is food, drink, hospitality, travel, and lifestyle. We spend hours a week reading newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and trawling sites for the latest industry news.