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Get onboard the epic meme, gif, or emojis on social and email marketing! Channels like Facebook and Instagram are visual storyboards and, when used correctly, these little rippers can take your posts to the next level.

– First and foremost, act like a human and know your brand’s ‘personality’. That will help dictate the use of emojis, gifs and memes. A legal advisory – probs not. A beauty salon or bar, go for it 😉
– Use emojis in your email marketing subject lines to stand out in an inbox.
– Remember memes are often satirical so make sure you’re using it correctly.
– Understand who your customer is and what they would appreciate. We all need a little light entertainment/giggle.
– Create your own new release/product offer gifs using GIF Maker from the app store.

– For goodness sake, if you are thinking of using a 🍆🍑💦, just don’t. If you’ve been living under a rock, we can confirm these are all very sexual innuendos.
– Use a meme if you don’t know the context, do some research 🧐
– Try and put too many emojis into a post, 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 a simple few will suffice 😊